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          Loofah Small Pet toy series
          Grass Or Grass Woven Series
          Wood Small Pet toys Series
          Calcium Block for small animals Series
          Cloth Huts Series
          Feeding Syringes & Drinking Devices Series
          Bath and skin care series
          Kitchen cleaning series
          Health care series
          Wood product series
          Cosmetic material series
          Material series

          E-mail: sales2@loofah.com.cn


          Tel: 86-395-2611768

          C.P:86 013939508781

          Our info. on Cantonfai

          Company profile


           LUOHE VANPET INDUSTRY CO.,LTD was set up in June ,2007, its former is Luohe Huahui loofah/loofa/luffa sponge products processing factory established in 2003, is a special factory utilizing the natural loofah as raw  material to develop and process healthy & environment-protection loofah product series. The company has the right of import & export trade business, and also has its own loofah-planting bases. Eighty percent of the products are exported to the world markets.The land area of the company is 5000m2 , the building area is3500 m2 , we have more than 100 staffs, including 30 staffs of technicians and R&D,and about 500 set models.  the annual revenue is over USD one million. The main products include the following: series of beauty & cosmetic product(liquid loofah and loofah powder), series of loofah household cleaning product, series of loofah bathing product,  series of loofah slippers & insoles and series of healthy loofah pillow, series of  loofah sponge pet toys, which are all natural, popular with the consumers during the current period of enjoying the health & environmental-protection consumption.      At present, the company is the largest natural loofah pet toys in the world and the largest natural loofah kitchen cleaning articles inChina. The company believes in the principle of "mutually benefit and reciprocity, prestige  first".  We sincerely hope to co-operates with friends at home and abroad, and develop the long-term, friendly and beneficial trade business relationships!


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